What do we do?

Combining financial expertise with strong IT and analytical skills, Addison Accounting focuses on providing solutions to help your organisation optimise its performance through improved strategy, improved processes and improved information to achieve a sustained business advantage over your competitors: accurate, timely information is key to running a successful business.

Simply put; Addison Accounting uses your existing data and IT systems to create more efficient processes and clear, reliable and real-time data in its simplest form; saving you money and giving you the ability to make management decisions confidently, quickly and successfully.

Why Work With Us?

Transforming Your Business through Information Management

We believe timely, accurate and clear information is key to running a successful business. Addison Accounting provides services that give your business a clear indication of how you are performing and ensures that day-to-day work is conducted in the most efficient and productive way.

We have a proven reputation for:

  •  Implementing best practices that streamline processes within all areas of your business.
  •  Delivering accessible information in the right format at the right time.
  •  Providing in-depth expertise in the services we provide
  •  A flexible, five-step approach working towards the individual needs of your company (Explore – Extract – Enhance – Execute – Exit)
  •  Giving you the tools to make informed, strategic decisions quickly and confidently